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Emerging voices 2017: Cadaval & Solá Morales

Architecture has always been a part of our everyday life. Whether you're walking down Central park enjoying a sunny day or stuck in your apartment because a snowstorm paralyzed the city, architecture makes possible the creation of our own spaces - whether they are oriented for using as a community, individual, or hybrid - these spaces give us the flexibility to define our interactions and facilitate our daily tasks.

This sense of division between individual and community space was poetically described by Clara Solá during the conference organized by "The Architectural League NY" this Thursday March 16th in New York City.

Eduardo Cadaval took another approach: Eduardo knows how to use comedy to his advantage. His metaphors and comparisons made his delivery light and enjoyable. He explained their projects being built in Mexico City and Barcelona, both cities in which the firm has independent offices.

It was easy to see how this power couple work best when they're together. Eduardo bringing the light, easy-going aspect to the designs while Clara has a poetic eye, adding great value by acknowledging those small details that in the end really matter.

I personally know Eduardo, for he was my mentor and teacher back when I was studying at Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) and have seen his progress through the years- and couldn't be prouder of the firm's contributions to urbanism and architecture.


To learn more about their projects,

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For more information about past and future conferences organized by The Architectural League New York, Click Here


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