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How Virtual Reality Has Impacted Real Estate

Virtual reality has become a sensation through our society today allowing you to create realistic images, sounds and other sensations that clone a real environment. One sector that has really benefited from virtual reality is real estate.

In today’s society many people are always on the go, whether it’s for work, school, or traveling, and do not have the time to view apartments. Virtual reality has changed the game by allowing you to preview an apartment and feel as if you are there! This revolutionizing feature will make searching for a home a great experience and also allow you to do your shopping from virtually anywhere! You can buy a pair of virtual reality goggles for as little as $12 or as much as $799.

Goldman Sachs believes that by 2025 the total available market for vr/ar software revenues are to be about $2.6 billion. Virtual Reality is now being used by many large firms and brokers to market luxury listings for sale which gives potential buyers the added element of getting a feel for the product before they physically see it for themselves. This has proven to be a huge success and also allows for people across the world to be able to view a listings as opposed to having to be there in person. This will generate a lot of international transactions as well as potential transactions through site on scene. This added dimension to the real estate industry is a platform that has erupted, and is only going to continue to flourish.

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