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Second Avenue Subway!

Picture this: 89th Street and East End Avenue. I’m 14. It’s the middle of the winter and I have to be at school (LaGuardia HS.) on the West Side in 20 minutes. Impossible. I was late. This of course was before the Second Avenue Subway!

You can imagine why I am now doing a happy dance since my Mom still lives on East End and 89th. The second day it was unveiled I made sure to visit Mom beginning from my Union Square neighborhood, hopping on the Q and loving the route:

14th St, 34Th and 6th, 57th and 7th, 63rd and Lex (you can pick up the F train directly across the platform) 72nd and 2nd, 86th and 2nd and last but not least 96th and 2nd. Within 15 minutes I arrived. alighting out of this brand new, gorgeous, station, I had the feeling I was in another country for just a moment. (New York and Europe my next blog - but I digress) The following week, after previewing a 1 Day on the market 2 bed with a new kitchen and backyard, I had to get to Sullivan Street in the West Village to measure a studio in (drumroll) 20 minutes, by switching at 63rd and Lex to the F train directly across the platform I was able to get to West 4th St stress-free and on time!

If you live downtown and haven’t been on this line yet, think about going to Carl Schurz Park for the day (we have lovely Spring days ahead!), on 86th and East End Ave stretching in one direction to 90th St and the other down to the high 70’s on the Promenade.

If you live uptown and haven’t been to the West Village in ages because of the inconvenience, make brunch plans at Bar Piti or The Grey Dog.

City living; Just a bit more edgy and elegant than ever!


Stephanie is a proud member of The Vigon Team at Citi Habitats living in New York City.

To contact Stephanie, call:

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