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So you finally did it! You survived college and that nearly unbearable "dorm life"! If you're graduating from a NYC school, your living quarters for the last 4 years were the true test of "plays well with others"!

The stories I hear from new grads are awful. I can't imagine being a student, paying $3000 a month per person to share a tiny space fitting me and a roommate I never met before on 2 twin beds. Especially when I'm told that the beds are positioned so closely you can actually reach out and touch the other person with no effort. Whaaa? How did you deal with that?? That alone deserves "congratulations".


Yes, you weathered it, but some people don't make it. This undergrad class is refusing to deal with it. They come to us after only one year of habitational misery seeking housing relief. They can't study, no privacy, can't function and they're tired of catching their roommate's cold. They've given up on trying to last 3 more years in a shoebox. But there is hope! For way less than $6000 (easily under $4000) you can rent a great 2 bedroom with a living room and a real kitchen. Even 3 bedrooms can be found starting at $3800-$6000+. Yes, you can have your own room!

BUT THERE'S A BIGGER PROBLEM. Not only do we have all the graduates from other cities relocating here to begin their careers or Masters Degree studies, but now more NYC undergrads seeking to escape the dorms are apartment hunting more than ever before. So this year it's the supply and demand story.

The rents for 2 and 3 bedrooms are always highest in this season but the competition, especially this year, is fierce. In fact, many roommates are grouping together in threes and fours seeking spaces they can convert to share while still making life here affordable. 2 and 3 bedrooms or convertible apartments are the hottest rental commodity right now.

THERE IS HELP. Now more than ever, in this fast-paced market, young professionals looking for their first apartment here really need help. They need the assistance and guidance that only a true NYC expert and professional broker can provide. Working with one smart broker, they are your liaison to the marketplace. You have the edge. They work on your behalf, sifting through it all to help you find your ideal spot. Once you've found "home" they will streamline the application and approval process negotiating the best terms that will work for your needs.

You've got SOMEONE ON YOUR SIDE. That's where we come in. No pressure. Click the link to read the informative "Guide to Renting". Whenever you're ready we are.

Questions? Answered for free. Anytime.



Lorett is the Founder and leasing member of The Vigon Team at Citi Habitats.

To contact Lorett, call:

(917) 744-1662


387 Park Avenue South, 4th Floor

Citi Habitats - (212) 253 - 5789

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